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You live in a beautiful home. Everything feels and looks great. But what about the attic? Have you ever thought about what's going on there? Did you know that not taking care of your attic for too long a time can cause many problems that will affect your lovely home? And let's be serious here for a second, who really takes the time to properly clean their attic?

Unclean Attics Mean Trouble

Listed below are five common problems that could get you on your toes. But no worries – we've got you covered, keep reading to learn how.

1. Loss of valuable storage space

First and foremost, an attic can be used as a usually quite expansive storage space. An unpleasant, smelly and damaged room will definitely not be a nice place to store your stuff, to say the least. First thing to consider.

2. Humidity and water problems

Both can build up in the attic for a time until one day you see it bursting through the ceiling. Don’t wait for it to show up. Take care of it today!

3. Mold

The attic can be a perfect environment for mold to thrive if left unattended. This fungus is known to flourish in dark and moist places and to cause a lot of damage while it's at it. Taking care of the problem can prevent serious damage and most importantly, health issues to those who reside in the infected premises.

4. Rodents

Nobody likes rodents living and breeding above their head in the attic. Rodents bring many diseases and health issues, not to mention hygiene problems and stench. Very important to take care of that problem especially when children are in the house.

The Good News – Our Attic Cleaning Solutions

Well, if you've found yourself feeling depressed reading what's probably going on in your attic and the afflictions it's riddled with, it's time to hear some good news. For all these problems there is only one solution: Attic Cleaning San Francisco's experts who deliver professional attic cleaning solutions.

Once this sanitation squad swoops in no speck of dust is left in its place. When everything is thoroughly cleaned, even those hard to reach places, your attic will become yours once again.

Among our special services you will also find: insulation installation and removal, rodent proofing, decontamination, and more.

Your attic, our expertise. Give us a call.

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