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What should I do when I find small droppings in my attic?

More than likely this is a sure sign of a rodent infestation – and so the first thing you should do is call for rodent control. Our team is experienced in removing rats and mice effectively. We use traps exclusively because baits or poison can often create a problem when the rodents die inside your walls and leavean unpleasant odor. Our specialists know exactly where to place these traps and wealways use safe and effective bait to completely removeall rodents from your home.

What does attic cleaning actually mean?

Well, it all depends on the client’s individual requirements. We can remove anything, from dirt and debris to unwanted items you’ve been storing in your attic. We’ll inform you if we notice any signs of infestation or see any damage in your insulation and advise you how to best address the problem. Just remember that it’s always advisable to have professionals fix the problem before it becomes more serious.

Is my insulation flammable?

Unfaced and loose filling insulation is usually non-combustible. Kraft paper facing will obviously burn while fiberglass is made from melting sand. Cellulose is made from old newspapers treated with a fire retardant. However, any burning or smoldering insulation should be avoided because of the potential for lung-damaging fumes. When in doubt about the flammability of your insulation, contact our specialists or if you have any questions about insulating your attic.

Can I add new insulation on top of my older one?

Under most circumstances, it is possible to add new insulation directly on top of the old one as long as it is in good condition and isn't damaged. An extra layer of insulation will usually increase the R-value and help to further slow any warm air migration. Be sure, however, that the new insulation is unfaced or moisture can be trapped between the layers causing mold or mildew problems. Contact our experts for any questions regarding adding additional insulation to your attic.


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