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Check for signs of pests in your attic

Periodically looking into your attic for any indications that pests are present, or have been in the past, is vital for helping to keep your home protected. Waste from insects will aggravate allergies and breathing conditions, and waste from rodents often carry dangerous diseases that could infect your home. Rodents also rip up insulation for nesting. If you see droppings on the floor, or gnawed marks on wood or boxes, you should have a professional come out and check for further issues.

Decontaminate after solving a rat infestation problem

Always wear protective gloves when handling contaminated items. You can use a commercial disinfectant to shampoo rugs and upholstery. Wash textiles with hot water and detergent and then put them in the drier on a high setting. As for non-washable items, leave them in the sunlight for several hours. Treating contaminated items with high temperature and ultraviolet rays will inactivate any hanta viruses.

Get a radiant barrier

A radiant barrier works most effectively in hot climates and usually consists of a highly reflective material like aluminum foil. Radiant barriers can reduce cooling costs from five to ten percent when used in a warm, sunny climate. Contact our insulation specialists to see if a radiant barrier would be of benefit to you in your home.

Know when to add additional insulation

In some cases, an extra layer of insulation installed over an existing layer can increase the R-value and further slow warm air migration. However, the additional layer must be unfaced or moisture could become trapped between the layers and cause mold, mildew or even wood rot. Our specialists are trained properly and have the expertise to make sure your attic insulation does the best job possible in keeping you and your family comfortably insulated in your home.


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