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Attic Cleaning in Presidio | Attic Cleaning San Francisco

Attic Cleaning

Customer Issue: The customer’s attic hadn’t had a proper cleaning or reorganizing in years, and he began to worry.
Our Solution: This one had a lot of accumulated dust, so no one went in without a dust mask. The narrow upstairs hallway and staircase made clearing the attic a time-consuming process, but once done it allowed us to finally dust and scrub the entire surface area. Then, the contents got some washing before going back in.

Robert Lorenzen - Presidio
Commercial Rodent Proofing Project | Attic Cleaning San Francisco, CA

Commercial Rodent Proofing

Customer Issue: Mice in the office.
Our Solution: Office buildings provide many opportunities for rodents to enter unnoticed. We identified potential entry points, and promptly sealed them with commercial grade proofing product with metal filings. We then replaced all the nylon strips under the doors with the long lasting metal bristle kind.

Marcus Cunningham - Brisbane
Rodent Removal & Proofing Project | Attic Cleaning San Francisco, CA

Rodent Removal & Proofing

Customer Issue: Mr. Ortiz had a problem with rats in his attic.
Our Solution: Our team trapped and removed all the rodents living in the attic. We then thoroughly cleaned the room and rodent-proofed the room and crawling space.

Charles Ortiz - San Francisco
Spray Foam Insulation | Attic Cleaning San Francisco, CA

Spray Foam Insulation

Customer Issue: Asked us to spray foam insulation in his new attic.
Our Solution: We cleaned out all construction debris, vacuumed the area, and sprayed new foam insulation in the customer's attic. He was amazed at the results and how much cooler his living area was after we completed the work.

Norman Allen - San Francisco
Commercial Radiant Barrier| Attic Cleaning San Francisco, CA

Commercial Radiant Barrier

Customer Issue: Excessive heat was bothering some customers.
Our Solution: We determined that a radiant barrier would solve the customer's problem and installed it in his attic. For any residential or commercial attic need, our team of experts provides outstanding service, friendly workers, and reasonable affordable prices.

Mary Taylor - Presidio
Attic Cleaning Services | Attic Cleaning San Francisco, CA

Attic Cleaning

Customer Issue: Rodent Infestation.
Our Solution: After cleaning all the rodent droppings and removing the insulation, we cleaned and decontaminated the attic. Then we installed new insulation, since the rodents had heavily damaged the old one.

Jess Johnson - Daly City
Attic Air Sealing | Attic Cleaning San Francisco, CA

Attic Air Sealing

Customer Issue: Draughty Attic.
Our Solution: We plugged the open stud and joist spaces, covered the open soffits and sealed the openings around plumbing vents and electrical wires. By using spray foam insulation we also prevented the appearance of mold.

Tim Jones - San Francisco
Attic Insulation Removal and Installation | Attic Cleaning San Francisco, CA

Attic Insulation Removal and Installation

Customer Issue: Moldy Insulation.
Our Solution: We carefully removed the old insulation and drywall without exposing the rest of the house to mold spores. We used spray foam insulation in order to maximize energy efficiency and prevent mold from reappearing.

Jeff Ford - San Francisco

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